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Want to dip your toe into the world of remote outsourcing? Have a one-off task or project that needs completing? Are you unexpectedly busy? This is the perfect rate for you. Subject to a minimum 3 hour booking for the first 3 hours.


This is our entry level retainer package. Perfect if you need ongoing support with admin tasks but do not need daily access to a VA or many hours of support a month. Equivalent to about a day and a half a month


This is our mid range package. Perfect if you need Executive Assistance and would like daily access to a VA for help with to-do list, diary or inbox management. Equivalent to approximately 3 days a month or 1 hour a day.


This is perfect if you need more Executive Assistance, have regular projects or are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of demands on your time. Equivalent to approximately 6 days a month or 2 hours a day.

Know exactly where you stand with clear pricing.

No surprises when you work with us. Everything is agreed and paid for in advance. If it looks like the task will exceed the hours booked then we discuss and seek agreement prior to billing additional hours.

Retainer Packages

By booking one of these virtually delivered packages you know your hours are held for the month. These represent better value for money than paying by the hour. The higher the number of hours in your package the cheaper the hourly rate.

Retainer packages require 2 months’ notice for cancellation.

Pay as you go 

Hours booked on the PAYG rate require a minimum 3 hour booking.

Each hour worked when on the PAYG hourly rate or retainer rate is recorded using time tracking software. You will receive a weekly report, so you know exactly where you are.

*Please note that the hourly PAYG rate is subject to availability and retainer clients will take precedence. The PAYG rate is available for admin / EA tasks only

Project Rate

Some tasks do not suit a retainer or PAYG and are better booked at a project rate – maybe you need help with recruitment or social media or attendance at an event. If so get in touch and let’s discuss. 

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